Toptest International Technology Limited is based in Hong Kong, mainly provides integrated circuit (IC), electronic components and products inspection service company.We have many experienced engineers in IC testing area and we also have a good relationship of cooperation with many universities.Now We have tested thousands of chips,including DC/DC voltage conversion, ADC and DAC/module of integration, digital-to-analog amp, Flash Memory, SRAM, DRAM, MCU, FPGA, DSP, CPU, etc. We are standing in front of the development of science and technology, based on the integrated circuit testing field,offering most high-quality services for customs from home and abroad, the chip suppliers, buyers and chips, and electronic trading chip manufacturers. As long as you have needs, as long as you have encountered problems in IC, we will have the utmost effort and high-quality services to help you, a telephone, an email, and we start to cooperate.

Component Functional Test
Visual Inspecting
De-Capsulation Service
Solderbility Test
X-Ray Testing
RoHs Testing
Programming and Testing
Tape and Reels
Component Functional Test
Toptest provides professional and precise testing services for chip function, our tests include logical device, analog device, high frequency IC, power IC, amplifier, power management IC etc. And device packaged include DIP, SOP, SSOP, BGA, TO-220, QFN, QFP etc.
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